The History

Punto Taglio S.r.l. is specialized in metal sheet cutting of small, medium and large thicknesses. Our company, although officially born in October 2007, has thirty years of experience in the field of sheet metal processing on behalf of third parties.
Our strong points have always been customer satisfaction, highest precision of processing and quick deliveries.


Our goal is to fulfil our customers' needs in the best possible way both in economic terms and in terms of delivery times. This is why the company has been able to create the right mix of organizational efficiency and flexibility. The substantial investments made in both the technological and organizational fields are intended to give the company the innovative drive necessary to withstand an increasingly intense competitive pressure.

In this way and taking advantage of the experience of its employees, Punto Taglio srl is committed to offering an extremely efficient, high-quality and highly qualified customer service.


The strength of Punto Taglio srl is based on the following strong points: wealth of know-how and just-in-time service.
The experience acquired in this field has led Punto Taglio srl to develop the highest technical expertise in the processing and reclassification of the material. This competitive asset results in a recognized economic advantage for the final user, making Punto Taglio srl the flagship service center of Northern Italy.
Thanks to its know-how, Punto Taglio srl offers monitored products from A to Z, for which it guarantees full traceability whilst simultaneously providing all certifications and screening these products through ultrasonic testing En10160 Class S3E4 with thicknesses from 40 mm to 200 mm.
Thus, our client, final or not, can fully rely on the fact that our products and services introduced to the market correspond to certain specifications and that all stages of their realization are traceable and verifiable.