Plasma cutting


Plasma Cutting is a process used to cut all metals, even those that are very hard or difficult to cut using traditional technologies, such as stainless steel, weathering steel (corten®), titanium, aluminum and copper alloys.

Punto Taglio is provided with a HIGH DEFINITION plasma machine with 12000 x 3000 workbench and cutting capacity from 2 mm up to 30 mm thickness for stainless steel (Aisi 304 / 304L - Aisi 316 / 316L) and thicknesses from 2 mm to 30 mm for carbon steel (S235JR - S275JR- S275JO - S275J2+N – S355JR - S355JO - S355J2+N - Astm A516Gr60 - Fe410.2kw – P265GH - Astm A516Gr60 - Fe410.2kw – P275NH - Astm A516Gr70 - Fe510.2kw – P355NH - P355NL1 – P355NL2 – P460NH - Hic- Resistant sheet metal – C45 - Sa387gr11cl2).

The high definition plasma system offers undeniable advantages which can be summarized as follows:

  • high cutting speed;
  • excellent quality of the cutting surfaces, in particular the rectilinear profile;
  • low distortion of materials thanks to the concentrated arc;
  • absence of burrs;
  • clean cutting surface.

The Punto Taglio plasma system is managed by the latest generation Cad / Cam software and guarantees the highest safety standards.

Punto Taglio offers processing quality, constant research and increasingly technological, reliable and tailor-made products, with respect for delivery schedule and continuous improvement of its production processes.

Plasma cutting is a technique for cutting steel and other metals with a plasma torch, which generates a jet of ionized gas at high temperature and speed.

Plasma cutting is a versatile, precise and fast process that can handle metal profiles and sheet metal of different thicknesses and shapes.

Punto Taglio is an expert in plasma cutting and can provide you with the best solution for your needs. Choose our plasma cutting service and discover the benefits of leading-edge technology and unrivalled professionalism.


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